Sourdough Day 3: Bubbles!

IMG_3620It’s alive! I started noticing some bubbles last night, and was tempted to feed my new sourdough pet. But, Chad Robertson (of Tartine Bakery) noted on Food52 that it is important to feed a sourdough starter on a regular schedule, preferably in the morning, to train the yeast to be active and predictable.
Train the yeast! They really are like pets. I waited until this morning and fed my now bubble starter about 15 g each of water and flour (I started with 40g of each).
Starting tomorrow, depending on activity, I’ll discard half of my starter and replenish it with fresh flour and water.  This is Sandor Katz’s advice to maintain vigorous yeast activity. Hopefully my new adorable yeast friends will help me out this weekend with a fresh loaf of bread!


Next up: Sourdough

2015/02/img_36151.jpgNew fermentation pet: sourdough starter. I mixed this up yesterday with a 1:1 ratio of all-purpose flour to filtered water and covered with a square of cheesecloth. This morning I gave it a stir – no activity yet, but will check in on this and feed it every day once I start seeing some bubbles.