Fermented Hot Sauce

HotSauceIt seems I have a bit of a hot sauce problem.  The other day, I came across some beautiful cayenne peppers at the market and a vision of them pureed into a lusty, tangy bottle of lava swam through my thoughts.  I bought a few handfuls, chopped, salted and pounded them into pliancy, and then set them aside to see what happened.

Fermentation took off overnight, and by the end of the next day the brine was already so tasty that I asked my boyfriend to pick up any hot peppers that looked interesting at the Union Square Farmers’ Market. He came back with just a pint of pretty red jalapeños – which I subjected to the same treatment, this time with a bit of ginger.

Three days later, both jars of future spicy condiment bubbling away, I strolled by the Farmers’ Market myself and found a gentleman with an entire table dedicated to beautiful chiles of varying heat.  I walked away with a bagful of more long cayennes and a handful of red Anaheims.  I’ve now got one sauce pureed and bottled, two jars bubbling away, and an idea for a new item to include in holiday gift baskets this year.   Continue reading