Up soon: Natural Ginger Ale (ginger beer)

 After a few days of relief, it’s back to being hot and sticky here in New York.  Just the thing to put me in the mood for a frosty, fizzy drink with a gingery bite.
I’ve currently got two bottles of this potion getting bubbly on the counter – known variously as home fermented ginger ale or ginger beer (I’m calling it ale because I did not use any packaged yeast, but if you know any other reason for the distinction I would love to hear it).

This is so easy to make, the hardest part is not rushing the process.  I’ve done it once before but did not have a fermenter with a tight enough seal, so was a bit disappointed with the carbonation.  I’m much better prepared this time with swing top bottles and rubber gaskets.  Once these are done fermenting, I’ll be back with a write up.