Dry, sparkling cider


It’s my favorite time of year – confetti leaves on the sidewalk for shuffling through, blankets, the light scent of smoke from those neighbors lucky enough to have fireplaces in Brooklyn.  And cider!  I love cider – the dry, crisp sparkling kind that might just give me the courage to try and make friends with those neighbors and offer up a bottle or two in exchange for an opportunity to sip next to the hearth.
Lately, we’ve been trying our hand at making our own.  After a few experimental small batches inspired by an overzealous weekend apple picking, we went all in on 5 gallons to give as party favors for my BFs birthday (it was a big one).  So far, everyone who has tried it has been delighted – words like “complex”, “farmhouse” and “great texture” have been trickling in.  I wasn’t planning on writing this up so don’t have many pictures – but it was so simple (the most complicated part is gathering the equipment) and rewarding I wanted to share.  The next time we brew (cider or beer), I will be sure to have my camera on hand to document the process.

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